Career: Can You Turn a Side Gig into a Profitable one?

Photo Credit: Madame Noir

Photo Credit: Madame Noir

In a though economy, people are looking for ways to make money to complete their income or start a new business. In the case of Tashia Bagwell, the answer is yes.

Tashia Bagwell turned her love for painting children’s faces into a lucrative side business that earns her an extra $10,000 to 13,000 on top of her regular job.  In an interview with Madame Noire magazine, the young woman dished on turning her side gig into a lucrative one.  Read more

Madame Noire: What made you want to do face painting in the first place? Tashia Bagwell: My love for art.  Ever since I was a little girl I had this gift of  drawing. My daughter was turning three and I needed something to keep  the children entertained. I purchased some paints at our local fabric  store and I did the painting for her party. The children loved it! I  started out with cheek art. I would just draw flowers, hearts,  Spider-Man etc. on the cheek and later I taught myself how to do full  faces.

MN: How did you learn to paint faces? TB: I’m self-taught. I learned everything from watching YouTube clips and subscribing to face painting blogs.

MN: What inspires you? TB: Art inspires me, all types; music, poetry, film, sculptures,  painting, dance etc. I’ve always wanted to attend an art college. Since I  was unable to I decided to still do what I love and make it fun. Face  painting provides me with a creative outlet.

[And] a gentleman named Quintel Harcum. He’s a true hustler,  go-getter and all around positive person.  He sends out daily group  emails with tons of advice, book suggestions and positive affirmations.   His motto is “Be Great” and that’s what I strive for each day.

MN: Is face painting a lucrative venture? TB: I’ve been doing well with my face painting business. All of my  customers are from word of mouth. So I put my best into each party; you  never know who’s going to refer you to someone else.  You can make  easily between $10,000 and $13,000 part-time.

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